<h1>ABOUT US</h1>Of what shall a man be proud, if he is not proud of his Country?</a>”</span>India, Bharat and Hindustan are synonymous to a great Nation of people - like you and me. We are knitted and woven with common fibers of cultural diversity, secular acceptance, prosperity and uncountable achievements to make the world a better place. Rather, it is humanly impossible to list what constitutes the being of this land mass.The Chinese name for ancient India – ‘Tianzhu,’ means the center of heaven. And the Japanese ‘Tenjiku’ accredits the same. It is a land blessed by nature, humanity and spirituality encompassing the essence being human. The birth place for Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.&nbsp; Zoroastrianism and Judaism&nbsp;also have an ancient history in India.The button on your shirt, the Chess and Ludo of your son, ink in your pen and the indigo dye, simple ruler of your geometry box or the concept of prefabricated moveable structure, Zero and Pi, infinite series of algebra and the algorithms of programming, Ayurveda and the cataract surgery, the diamond in your wife’s ring or the Mysorean Rocket – all have been invented by this Country.There is lineage of braves, Bhagat Singh to Vikram Batra, who have inspired the world and rewritten the meaning of courage and valour in our dictionaries. A country worth dying for, and a resolve to live in times of peace.And, if you are still ashamed to stand by your colors, then you better seek another flagIndeed, the world has changed and so have we. The human err and our overwhelming desire for more has corrupted our serenity and solitude. The anguish and inability to change the mammoth system of incorrigible obnoxious weeds in the society has marginalized our nationalism and patriotic fiber. But, we must remember – No country is GOOD or BAD, albeit we are.Proud Indians, is a movement to re-instill the same lost pride<span><br></span>
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